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Friday, April 12, 2013

So I did this thing on sort of a whim. There was a call for entries, you might say, from a publisher who was looking for someone to illustrate an upcoming children's book about cats. This woman, who worked at this publisher, wanted to see pictures of cats. Well, I didn't have any pictures of cats. So I decided to make one. And I have always loved Vermeer, and especially his painting of the Girl with the pearl earring. I mean, who doesn't?

I figured I couldn't go wrong with an Old Master in my corner. But I didn't get the job. So maybe they failed to see the humor. Oh well. But I still sort of like the piece. And it has the sort of feel that I really connect with, artistically. I think that if I ever foray into portraiture (which I want to do very much), my work would carry a similar emotionally reserved, cool, hushed aesthetic that some Renaissance and Baroque painters did. No bright toothy grins for me! Um, I mean, unless the client wanted that.