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Thursday, June 6, 2013

This fellow's name is Rudolf Stussi. He is Swiss born, but now lives in Canada, I believe (why would anyone move away from Switzerland?). I had not heard of this fellow, but please don't conclude that I am an  idiot if he's like the most famous artist on earth, and I am the last one to find out about him.

Anyway, Rudolf Stussi isn't his real name, because his real name has two little dots over the "u." But I don't know how to make a "u" with two little dots over it on my keyboard. I don't even know what that's called, so I can't Google it. But his work is very unique. I am quite taken with it. He seems to paint in both oil and watercolor, but his work looks pretty similar from one medium to the other. I think most of the work I have seen is watercolor.

His application of color is broad and planar. There seems to be fairly little purposeful shaping and modeling, instead, he lets his washes wander across the paper either to exhaustion, or to be severed at the shattered, erratic edges he has imagined.

The colors, to me, are fantastical, and almost hallucinatory.Thin and watery, but aggressive. The thready linework seems to swoon under the weight of this bright, young world he has created. In all, very cool.

So come along with me, and soak up some loĆ¼sy paintings by a crappy foreign hack who is stealing work from me!

So, do you get the feeling he's done this a few times?

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