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Friday, May 24, 2013

This is the latest piece which will join my new portfolio. It is the second in a series involving two adolescent girls and their friend, a talking raven. The first piece in the series can be seen below.

My goal was to create young characters and try to sort of bring them to life in a series of pictures that would look like a developed story even if there isn't one-yet. Here I have injected them into an old German fairytale about a very spoiled princess who is too good for everybody. She ends up being married off to a pauper as a result of her nasty attitude, and what ensues is a nice tale of redemption. I have reduced the raven and (one of) the girls in this picture to mere observers. But they will add a touch of humor because of their expression, thereby making the viewer realize it's a lighthearted piece. They also anchor the composition.

I would really love to create a number of works that recall old fantasy and fairytales, in a style that hints at the renaissance and baroque periods of art. Like Paul Zelinsky does here Except I prefer northern European artists, rather than the Italian artists that he emulates (and very well!). More like Breughel

I want to consciously bend my style in that direction. I have always loved Breughel particularly, and I think it is a perfect fit, stylistically, for these types of paintings I want to complete.

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